The Matador

3496 W. 32nd Ave, Denver, CO, 80211 • show map

Our Denver location is in the amazing Highlands Neighborhood on the corner of 32nd and Lowell! This location welcomes families anytime before 9pm! Floor to ceiling windows beckon for you to join us, our intricate metal work with countless candles flickering will capture your wandering gaze and our "best fireplace in a Denver restaurant" will keep you warm on cold winter nights! Our Denver location also offers brunch on Sunday, featuring some traditional Mexican breakfast items!


Nearest Station:

3199 Julian St • view

Bikes: 8 • Docks: 11

Happy Hours

Sunday: 4pm - 6pm, 10pm - 1am

Monday: , 10pm - 1am

Tuesday: 4pm - 6pm, 10pm - 1am

Wednesday: 4pm - 6pm, 10pm - 1am

Thursday: 4pm - 6pm, 10pm - 1am

Friday: 4pm - 6pm, 10pm - 1am

Saturday: 4pm - 6pm, 10pm - 1am


Sunday: 10am - 3pm

Saturday: 10am - 3pm

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