The Ginn Mill

2041 Larimer St., Denver, CO, 80205 • show map

This is the intention of The Ginn Mill on Larimer Street in Denver—an established space that requires attitudes and pretenses to be checked at the door. You will find that The Ginn Mill is not the place to “see and be seen,” and it isn’t Denver’s “hottest, elite, VIP club.” It’s nothing of the sort. Rather, The Ginn Mill is a low-key, friendly drinking spot

Bar Games

Beer Pong


Nearest Station:

1350 21st Street • view

Bikes: 4 • Docks: 11

Happy Hours

Sunday: 11am - 12am

Monday: 3pm - 7pm

Tuesday: 3pm - 7pm

Wednesday: 3pm - 7pm

Thursday: 3pm - 7pm

Friday: 3pm - 7pm


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