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2500 LarimerSt.Unit 100, Denver, CO, 80205 • show map

Intimate, auto-inspired setting for Southern Italian wood-fired pizza, oysters & cocktails.


Other than your mad Tinder talk game, separate yourself out from all the other guys she's going on dates with and take her somewhere unique and different like this place!


Nearest Station:

2501 Lawrence St • view

Bikes: 0 • Docks: 9

Happy Hours

Sunday: 3pm - 6pm, 10pm - 12am

Monday: 3pm - 6pm, 10pm - 12am

Tuesday: 3pm - 6pm, 10pm - 12am

Wednesday: 3pm - 6pm, 10pm - 12am

Thursday: 3pm - 6pm, 10pm - 12am

Friday: 3pm - 6pm, 10pm - 12am


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