We've all done it. Made plans with friends intending to do something new, something exciting—to go somewhere other than the same bar, restaurant, trivia or brunch spot you go to every week. But after messaging in circles with no one being able to muster a suggestion other than that one place someone told you about a year ago that’s now a pot shop, and the other place down the street sounding “meh,” you begrudgingly succumb to SOS, the boring same ol’ shit. If only there was somewhere you could consult when this situation arises each week. Well now there is — Denvertainment.

Deny boredom and turn to Denvertainment, a one-stop website that provides you with the best Denver has to offer. Whether you’re looking for happy hours, weekly drink specials, brunch specials, places to watch a game, spots to grab a late night bite, bar games, or hell, even places to take a Tinder date — Denvertainment is THE place to go when you don't know what to do or where to go in Denver.

We know you’ve been wanting something like this—we have too. We're not fully finished building out all this site has to offer, and there's much more to come. But for now, jump in and try it out! Let us know what needs tweaked, fixed or ditched. But most importantly, Denvertain yourself and experience something other than your normal, boring routine.

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